Sunday, September 30, 2012

"Hair" by Scott McLean

This is a small part of a drawing which I did quickly using pen in 2011 and it looks different with light shining on it, but I like it that way too.  The paper is an all-purpose paper used for computer printouts, etc., so it's nothing special and the photo of this drawing was done in a slightly dark corner (I will explain later), also with off-white, almost very light pink wall behind the paper, but obviously not my choice of wall color behind my drawing. I'm holding it in my other hand while photographing it. I'm not sure if the wall affected it.

I think using pen is more of a challenge because I don't erase and all mistakes or what happens stays that way.  Also if I don't like it, then I would just try again on another piece of paper. 

This is real beauty to my eyes. I like to see artwork and photos and hear songs that are different than what everyone else is creating or doing. However, I like many of the famous artists, musicians, bands, singers, etc. but I like variety.